January 17th, 2024

South Bank BID supports report on Street Clutter

South Bank BID has supported research commissioned and lead by Centre for London, which highlights the issues impacting London's residents and businesses stemming from street clutter.

The final report, available here, uses a case study analysis of a number of key London streets, including ones in South Bank, to illustrate how London’s street clutter had a significant impact on the walkability of the locations analysed.

'Street clutter' is defined in this instance is defined as 'poorly placed or redundant objects on pavements that negatively affect pedestrians or other pavement users'. Examples of this can include rubbish bags, unnecessary signage, and discarded e-bikes.

Alongside acting as an eyesore that dissuades visitors or leaves a negative impression, importantly street clutter impacts the accessibility of London's streets, making them difficult to navigate for those with impairments or accessibility requirements.

To unpack the findings from the research, Centre for London are hosting a panel discussion with a range of experts on this matter that will focus on questions such as: how cluttered are Central London's streets? Is London falling behind other cities in this matter? The panel discussion will be taking place on 1 February - if you are interested in attending, or want to learn more, please register your interest here.

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