South Bank BID was set up in 2014 to improve the management of South Bank in the face of increasing footfall and falling public spending.

South Bank BID has been operating for almost ten years now; on 28 May 2019, we held the ballot for our second term, through which we proposed to run a further five years of essential support services for South Bank’s businesses, from 1 Oct 2019 to 30 September 2024.

We were delighted to receive a strong ultimatum to deliver the services that businesses in South Bank clearly value, with a UK record at the time renewal ballot result of 99% of voters.

The BID will be going to ballot for its third term in early 2024, with an anticipated start date of 1 Oct 2024 for the third term: we are excited about our vision of South Bank across this five year period, as we continue to deliver smarter, more ambitious programmes that address the ongoing challenge of keeping South Bank safe, secure and clean in the context of an exciting period of growth and change.

Below you'll learn more about the BID's vision for its third term, and how as a levy payer your business will have the opportunity to vote in 2024.

Our impact


Here's a quick snapshot of what South Bank BID delivers for businesses on an ongoing basis, across our key services. 


followers across the South Bank London social media channels. 


Average number of engagements delivered by South Bank Patrol on a quarterly basis. 


Average number of litter bags collected by South Bank Clean Team on a quarterly basis, across private and public land. 


What you told us

Across the Summer of 2023, the BID has been engaging with levy payers to understand what they want to see from the third term of the BID. 

Here is a summary of our key findings, from the information levy payers provided to us about their priorities, which is being used to shape our third term business plan. 

How to vote

The simple steps to voting in the Third Term Ballot

Each levy payer in South Bank gets the chance to vote in the upcoming BID ballot - read on to learn how your business can cast your vote in January 2024.

On the 8 January, the voter for your business will be sent a Notice of Ballot mailing in the post, announcing that a ballot will be taking place.

On the 22 January, voting papers will be sent to all voters by post.

On 25 January, the ballot will begin and you'll have a chance to cast your vote using the voting papers provided - we will be in touch with more details about all the steps here.

The completed ballot paper will need to be returned to Lambeth Town Hall, whether by post, or via the BID team, before 5pm the 22 February.

Key Dates

Ballot Timeline

If you're a levy payer to South Bank BID, here are some of the key dates and events to be aware of, ahead of and during the BID ballot in 2024, including the launch dates for the BID's third term business plan. 

8th January

Notice of Ballot sent to all Voters by post

10th January

Launch of the Third Term Business Plan

12th January

Third Term Business Plan sent to Voters, ahead of ballot papers

22nd January

Ballot papers sent by post to all voters

25th January

Start of Ballot

22nd February

Ballot date and Count

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