Construction Coordination

There are currently a number of important schemes underway across South Bank, all at different stages of development.

To minimise the impact on local businesses and ensure these projects are delivered in a way that’s managed strategically, South Bank BID, through the South Bank Employers' Group mechanism, hosts a Construction Coordination group which meets on a monthly basis.

The group brings together a range of developers, local landowners, businesses and resident associations to ensure that knowledge and construction updates are being shared across audiences, and to aim for a coordinated and efficient logistical delivery of these different projects.

To help lead this network and act as the connecting point for multiple stakeholders, a Construction Coordinator will also be appointed in the BID’s third term. This position will be employed under Lambeth Council in order to provide the position with the necessary statutory powers for effective decision making, but will be funded by the BID.

Current South Bank schemes in various stages of development include:

Elizabeth House

Developer: HB Reavis

Status: Planning permission granted.

Learn more.

76 Upper Ground

Developer: Stanhope

Status: Work underway.

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Royal Street Development

Developer: Stanhope

Status: Planning permission awaiting review.

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18 Blackfriars Road

Developer: Hines

Status: Planning permission submitted.

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72 Upper Ground

Developer: CO-RE

Status: Planning permission under review.

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