Cleaning and Greening

Welcoming so many visitors a year provides additional stress on local cleaning services, who may not have the resources to accommodate points of peak footfall and traffic. That’s why the BID invests in additional and flexible cleaning support, to keep the area clean, green and safe.

South Bank Clean Team

South Bank BID helps fund South Bank Clean Team, who operate seven days a week, across all public land in South Bank. Clean Team are also co-funded by a range of private landowners across South Bank. 

The support from the BID to Clean Team translates to an additional hundreds of hours of cleaning a year: this collaborative work ensures that South Bank is cleaned and maintained to an appropriate level, particularly in areas that receive a higher level of footfall and traffic throughout the year.

Using data and intel gathered from previous years, alongside updates from landowners, Patrol and our footfall sensors, we can also determine what time periods are most likely to need additional resource, and allocate hours accordingly.

Electric Cleaning Vehicles

To help maintain the Public Realm and minimise emissions, the BID has invested in two electric cleaning vehicles for Clean Team to use. An eco-litter picker (known as ‘Nelly’) and graffiti removal and street cleaning van (known as ‘Lenny’) can be spotted out and about across the BID area, managed and operated by South Bank Clean Team. Investing in electric vehicles is part of our commitment to improve air quality and reduce emissions locally, one of the highest priorities in South Bank.

South Bank Clean Team Lenny

Report a cleaning/graffiti issue

Have a pressing/urgent graffiti or cleaning issue on your land? Get in touch with the BID to help resolve it at

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