March 1st, 2024

Net Zero Activity Update

With the launch of the Net Zero Action Plan for South Bank and Waterloo in May 2023, and the appointment of a Net Zero Programme Lead the following November, a lot of exciting activity is continuing with local partners under the vision of working toward a carbon neutral neighbourhood by 2030.

Under the framework of the Net Zero Action Plan and with the position of Programme Lead, South Bank BID is driving a coordinated approach to tackling climate challenges, one which brings together businesses and residents from across the South Bank and Waterloo area.

A Sustainable and Resilient South Bank is a key cornerstone of the BID’s delivery programme for its third term, which is due to begin on 1 October 2024. In anticipation of this, work is underway to deliver short term activity while scoping long term strategic opportunities. In the short term, the aim is to deliver:

-        A Carbon literacy and engagement programme, including an e-learning module intended for businesses and employees, with the aim of integrating with and signposting other existing environmental initiatives and opportunities.

-        Tree planting acceleration, to increase tree canopy cover in South Bank and Waterloo - private landowners are being engaged to participate in planting.  

Looking ahead to longer term action, a wide range of projects are being explored with the aim of working toward significant change through collective action: that includes shared opportunities to remove fossil fuels from the heating systems of buildings in the area through to the development of a decentralised energy network, and investment plans for greening South Bank and Waterloo.

We’ll be sharing opportunities for local businesses and employees to get involved as programmes of activity are developed and finalised, but if you’d like to discuss any aspect of the Net Zero Programme, or see how your business can play a part in building toward a renewable, safer and more sustainable energy future in South Bank and Waterloo, get in touch at

Read the complete Net Zero 2030 Strategy and Action Plan here. 

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