January 9th, 2024

BID BALLOT: Notice of Ballot Mailings

The BID would like to update levy payers that on 8 January, Lambeth Council sent out the Notice of Ballot to all levy payers in the South Bank BID area, as part of the process of the BID's ballot for its third term. Lambeth Council run the ballot process on behalf of itself and Southwark Council. 

The Notice of Ballot letters are being sent to the assigned voters at each individual business in the BID area to inform them of the upcoming ballot, and the number of votes they have. 

These are not the voting papers - the Notice of Ballot letter is to inform you that this is the address that voting papers will be sent to. The voting papers will be sent out on 22 January

Copies of the BID’s Third Term Business Plan are also being sent to voters this week - if you would like to access an electronic version of the Business Plan, please see here.

If you believe you are the voter at your business, and have not received your Notice of Ballot by 11 January, or if you identify any other issues, please get in touch at BID@southbanklondon.com as soon as possible. 

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