August 31st, 2023

South Bank BID partners with High Streets Data Service

To provide South Bank BID levy payers with vital audience and behaviour data that can help businesses strengthen their level of demographic insight and make evidence informed decisions, the BID has partnered with the High Streets Data Service.

The High Streets Data Service (HSDS), which is delivered by the GLA, provides access to a number of different datasets, including footfall, catchment information, and spend, provided by Mastercard: HSDS is already in use by a number of local councils, and was rolled out to BIDs earlier this year.

Bringing these datasets together begins to paint a comprehensive picture on where audiences are coming from, what timeframes and areas see the highest level of footfall, and what audiences are spending their money on while they’re in South Bank.

These datasets in combination provide valuable insight for both our levy payers and the BID itself, in a way that can shape both individual business decisions and also collective working as a whole across the area. HSDS data will be provided to BID levy payers through the BID’s different channels, including reports, our monthly newsletter, and networking events, and will be shaped around the insights that levy payers have identified as being the most helpful to their operations. Where possible, this data will be contextualised with other datasets the BID has access to, such as our footfall cameras or transport figures from local partners.

These datasets will also help strengthen the BID’s own economic benchmarking on the health of South Bank’s recovery, and which areas of South Bank may require further strategic support and investment. The data will also help guide the BID’s own marketing campaigns delivered through the South Bank London brand.

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